Do you want these people serving food? NYC restaurants rack up health violations

Maram Shami of Alfanoose Middle Eastern Cafe, told DNAinfo unscrupulous companies are taking advantage of New York City’s point system to prey on restaurant owners by promising to teach them how to properly clean and avoid future violations.

Shami said she and her husband, co-owner Mouhamad Shami, 55, shelled out $5,000 for a special training on how to clean the restaurant before the most recent inspection, only to incur more violations than the one before.

Shami said the poor grades are likely to drive her and her husband out of business, after customers stopped coming by after their most recent grade.

That’s just one of 10 downtown dining joints that racked up numerous violations recently.

Of the 10 restaurants that have poor grades looming, Mike’s Papaya at 88 Reade Street was the worst offender by far, with 106 violation points — or about a "C" grade under the city’s letter grading system. The hot dog joint was cited for violations including contaminated food, cold food not properly refrigerated, evidence of mice and lack of soap in the bathroom.

Many restaurant owners either declined to comment or were not immediately available for interview.

Other owners called the health inspection process unfair, and complained the number violations levied against them is unjustified.