Toast Me (that’s what she said); there aren’t enough meats in a pop tart

The Germans have found a way to conquer the English – through toastable meat.

Tillman’s Toast Me! is the U.K.’s first frozen, toastable meat snack, using quality pre-cooked ingredients and a straightforward reheating method to give you a quick, convenient and tasty snack.

Tillman’s is a brand of the Tönnies Fleisch Group, which, according to their web site, has been providing top-quality meat products to Europe for 40 years.

As reported by The Grocer, first there was the microwavable fish finger, now shoppers can look forward to a beef burger that can be heated in a toaster.

The Toast Me! range, which currently comprises a chicken and a bacon and egg variant, is being ramped up with five new variants cheese & ham, chicken curry, chilli chicken, vegetable and hash brown.

And Toast Me! Beef Burgers, which can be put into the toaster straight from the freezer. No fat would be able to escape from the toasted burgers thanks to Tillman’s patented production­processes, the company claimed. ??

For food safety nerds, the company says Toast Me! is a fully cooked product which should be reheated straight from the freezer.

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