Sale of expired baby food investigated after Canadian infant falls ill

American retailer, Target, is moving into Canada, taking over a bunch of Zellers stores, which were bought by the original Hudson Bay Company in 1978 – Canada, beaver, pelts, etc.

Maybe Target can get the dates right on the babyfood it sells.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has investigated a reported case of food poisoning after an infant was fed baby food — sold by a retailer more than nine months after it had expired.

Kitchener, Ontario, mother Melodie White filed a complaint with the federal food watchdog and the local public health unit after her six-month-old son, Gabriel, became sick over the May long weekend.

She bought several cans of baby food at the Zellers store in the Laurentian Power Center a few weeks ago without realizing they had expired last summer. White became alarmed after she fed the food to her son and he developed a fever and diarrhea, she said.

Her son was sick for about four days, she said.

To back up her claims, White returned to the same store and bought another six cans, all expired. Then she called the store to complain.

The store removed the expired baby food after being made aware of the problem. Inspectors from both the Region of Waterloo Public Health and the inspection agency also visited the Zellers store to make sure the expired baby food was off the shelves.