Crossing borders: food safety style

Wal-Mart Frank brought along a piece of the past when he visited a few weeks ago – the program for the 2000 meeting of what is now know as the International Association for Food Protection where I gave the Ivan Parkin lecture to a room of 800 people – by video (right, sorta as shown).

I never got a program, so Frank thoughtfully brought one along and complimented me on the shape of my hair.

That was the first time I got stopped at a border for improper paperwork.

It’s happened again.

Australia is requesting new paperwork from the Canadians (who are hopeless, it’s been six months so far for a fingerprint check) so no Australian visa for me.

I put Amy and Sorenne and Mary Poppins on a plane to Brisbane, Australia last night because smarty pants Amy got herself a French professoring job at the University of Queensland and the new semester starts in a couple of weeks. (Mary Poppins is nanny Emma, who’s going for two weeks to help get things set up).

I’m staying at Kansas State, where I love it, racking up air miles and doing some of my K-State work remotely, if I ever get my Australian visa.

Chapman already invited me to tag along to IAFP. I may go.

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