Inspectors found roaches and temperature violations at some FLORIDA theme park restaurants

There’s nothing like going to a Florida theme park in July when temperatures are ridiculous. Orlando was built on a swamp.

But, I’ve been doing it ever since I was a kid, and if it’s going to be 105F in Kansas, I might as well be in Sarasota with a 90-minute drive to theme park heaven.

ABC Action News reports in a special I-Team investigation, we looked through over 250 restaurant inspection reports from the Division of Hotels and Restaurants in and around the amusement parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Busch Gardens, Universal and surrounding areas.

For the most part, the amusement park restaurants seemed to keep their places clean. But we found two restaurants at Magic Kingdom on North Monorail Way in Bay Lake that might make you think twice about how magical things are in the kitchens.

The Crystal Palace advertises that you can join Winnie the Pooh and friends at a bountiful buffet but state inspectors found food they serve at dangerous temperatures. On June 9, 2011 Crystal Palace had to throw out two large pans of shrimp and 10 pounds of NY strip beef because they were not properly cooled overnight from 135 degrees to 70 degrees in 2 hours and then from 70 degrees to 41 degrees in 4 hours. The restaurant also had to toss out over 8 pounds of grape jelly because the cans were rusted and not in good condition. Crystal Palace had a total of 25 violations during that June 9th inspection, accumulating 13 critical violations and 12 non-critical violations.