Restaurants told to wash hands or be named-and-shamed

Katrina Hodgkinson, the Minister for Primary Industries in New South Wales (the Australian state that includes Sydney), told the Cowra Community News that NSW food businesses to clean up their act.

“Hand-washing is at the very foundation of correct and safe food handling. Over the past 12 months, there have been about 170 offences related to hand-washing listed on the Name and Shame register.

“Whether you’re at home cooking for your family, in the kitchen of the local café, a chef in a high end commercial kitchen or at a fast food chain preparing food for thousands – the key to keeping a safe and hygienic kitchen is washing your hands.

“Each penalty notice carries a fine of $880 for a corporation and $440 for an individual as well as the unenviable honour of being placed on the Name and Shame list where consumers can easily see the breaches of their local food outlets.

“Consumers vote with their feet, so begin by washing your hands to ensure you don’t lose business or worse – make your customers sick.”

The full list of penalty notices and prosecutions can be found at

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