Chicago politico says public may not understand restaurant inspection results

 For over a decade, I’ve ben hearing how the public – whoever that is – may not understand restaurant inspection results.

There’s only a couple of things I tell my kids, especially the 3-year-old: anyone who says, “trust me” is immediately untrustworthy, and anyone who claims to be speaking on behalf of the public, or all Americans or all Canadian women is only talking about themselves (I also tell the kids to keep your stick on the ice and don’t take wooden nickels).

CBS reports that as the City of Chicago has rolled out a new Web site with thousands of restaurant inspection results online, alderman Tom Tunney, who is a restaurant owner himself, says some people may get the wrong impression.

The point that Tunney makes is that the inspection reports online require a little study and not just a glance.

Then do some research and figure out what people and food service operators want instead of saying how hard it is.