Edmonton woman finds glove in package of frozen chicken wings

Madina Najmeddine considers chicken wings to be her guilty pleasure, but when she prepared a batch of Pinty’s Honey Garlic Wings on Tuesday, she got much more than she bargained for.

"My initial reaction was ‘Oh my god!,’ and my second reaction was ‘I’m going to be sick,’" Najmeddine said.

What initially appeared to be several chicken wings clumped together was instead revealed a glove – balled up and covered in sauce.

"You know that gloves handling chicken may be clean, but now your hand’s in the glove and I have your glove and that’s kind of disgusting," she said.

Global News attempted to contact Pinty’s Delicious Foods in Burlington, Ont. several time Thursday, but no calls were returned. Najmeddine is determined to get some answers.