59 confirmed sick: Don Julio’s was the salmonella source in Mississippi

After dancing around the possible source of a salmonella outbreak in Corinth, Mississippi, with lots of reassurances that restaurants were safe, state health types announced what most suspected since Dec. 7, 2011:

“As of today, a total of 59 patrons and employees of Don Julio Mexican Restaurant, 1901 Virginia Lane in Corinth, have had positive cultures confirming the presence of salmonella.”

But this time the health types stressed that “salmonella is no longer an ongoing risk to the public in Corinth, Miss.”

"Our investigation has shown that the incident does not appear to be a food producer or supplier issue," said Northeast Mississippi District Health Officer Dr. Jessie R. Taylor. "It appears to be an isolated problem with this particular restaurant, and the restaurant is working closely with us to correct the problem."

And that’s all … for now.