Blame it on the cream puffs? 21 sick in Guam

Guam health types report at least 21 individuals who were treated and released at two hospitals suffered from symptoms related to foodborne illness.

Division of Environmental Health Administrator Tom Nadeau says based on interviews, the individuals attended different functions and consumed a variety of items but the common link was the consumption of cream puffs from Celebrity Bakery.

Nadeau says samples of the pastry will be sent off-island and it is too premature to confirm if the cream puffs are the source of the foodborne illness.

Bakery owner Nelia Pono is anxious for the results as her staff have been making the local favorite for 20 years and the night before Thanksgiving, her staff prepared 1,500 cream puffs and sold more than a thousand. Pono added that her staff took some home and tested them and did not get sick.

While the food taster approach may not hold much scientific merit, Pono did say she would pay medical expenses if her bakery was indeed the cause.