Sri Lanka goes for public letter grading of restaurants, food places

The Health Ministry has taken steps to grade all food handling establishments under the H-800 Food Handling Establishments Inspection system, with the objective of ensuring food security in Sri Lanka, Health Ministry Additional Secretary Palitha Maheepala said.

Under this programme the ministry has taken measures to educate and advise the owners and food handlers on safe food practices and formulate an action plan to improve food safety, ensure and maintain quality and safety of food and upgrade food handling establishments.

"As a result of urbanization, most of the people in our society buy food from food handling establishments. So it is important to ensure the food security in all hotels, bakeries, groceries, supper markets, snack bars and other food establishments."

These establishments will be categorized under four categories namely A,B,C and D, in order to ensure food safety. The ministry will offer a certificate by mentioning the grade that they have obtained and they should display their certificates at their establishments, which would be easy for the general public to get an idea about food establishments, Health Ministry, Environmental and Occupational Health Director T.B.Ananda Jayalal said.

1,350 out of 10,000 food handling establishments inspected by the Health Ministry officials have obtained the A grade.