‘I would rather eat my own diarrhea’ #McDStories McDonald’s Twitter campaign backfires

The social media thing sounds sorta cool until customers complain that your food makes people vomit, you serve pig meat from gestation crates and a burger containing a finger nail.

And it’s all on Twitter for anyone to see.

Jumping on the social media bandwagon, McDonald’s last week launched a campaign featuring paid-for tweets, which would appear at the top of search results and designed to get people to share touchy-feely nostalgic stories about the fast food chain.

The company only promoted the hashtag #McDStories for two hours, during which Twitter users told stories of finding gross things in their food, unclean restaurants, and bad experiences working for the chain.

McDonald’s social media director Rick Wion says of the incident, "We’re learning from our experiences." And they will. And become even more profitable.