Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club shut down for health code violations

Celebrities get into the restaurant biz, so celebrity followers are getting into the restaurant inspection biz.

After the New York Post reported this morning that Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club piled up enough infractions during a recent health department inspection to shutter the place, celebrity news site, TMZ, cited a rep as saying, it was just bad luck because a refrigerator died just before the inspector showed up.

But Ron Berkowitz says the staff identified the problem immediately and had no intention of serving the food from that fridge. Berkowitz says the fridge was fixed by noon the next day and the club was permitted to re-open.

Except it was more than the fridge.

Other infractions included mixing salsa with bare hands, no thermometer or thermocouple, and inadequate personal cleanliness.

The refrigerator was at a rancid 60 degrees instead of 41 — jeopardizing the safety of 50 pounds of raw chicken wings, five pounds of raw shrimp and 100 turkey burgers, the sources said.

Five pounds of cooked mashed potatoes were left out at a temperature of 89 degrees, while 10 pounds of cooked rice and 50 turkey burgers were kept at 67 degrees.

All the hot foods should be at least 140 degrees, the sources said.

The club’s restaurant was immediately closed, and new patrons were barred from entering. Those already inside were allowed to remain.

“If you have a walk-in place with food like this, you put a hell of a lot of people at risk,” said the source. “A night of dinner and dancing should not include the risk of contracting foodborne illness.”

A night earlier, the hip-hop mogul held an A-list party to reopen the hotspot, which was closed for 10 months for a $10 million makeover. Famous guests included Russell Simmons, Spike Lee, Lance Bass and Warren Buffett.

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