1 child ill; Australia’s salmonella playground closed again

In May 2008, children’s playgrounds were closed on Sydney’s Northern Beaches after a rare form of salmonella, paratyphi B var java, normally linked to tropical fish, sickened 23 toddlers. The sand was replaced at a cost of $140,000 but subsequent testing showed the same salmonella had returned.

In Sept. 2011, the park was again closed after 4 children were stricken with gastroenteritis and salmonella java was found in bark. And it was closed again in Dec.

The Manly Daily reports today that Winnererremy Bay’s Flying Fox Park has been closed for a third time in six months after a child fell ill from salmonella.

Pittwater Council temporarily closed the flying fox and climbing net area on advice from NSW Health, resulting from tests coming back positive for salmonella java in the playground’s bark soft fall material.

NSW Health confirmed a child was diagnosed with salmonella java after visiting the playground last month.

According to council, which received the unit’s advice on Tuesday, the child used the playground on January 10.
Testing was conducted in mid-January as a follow-up to bacteria being found at the playground in December.

According to council, two samples of eight were found to have the bacterium in the latest tests. The playground bark will be removed and replaced in the next few days before the area is reopened.