Bad eggs lead to $23K in fines for Calgary catering company

“You’re not in Kansas anymore … it doesn’t matter if you come from China, or Russia, or some third-world country, if you want to do business in Alberta you comply with the regulations.”

I have no idea why Rob O’Neill is slagging Kansas when prosecuting a case about crappy eggs in Alberta (that’s in Canada, where food safety delusions run high) other than overwhelming creative insight and just saying no to clichés.

As reported by the Calgary Sun, buying rotting eggs linked to a salmonella outbreak has landed a Calgary catering company and two of its principals fines totalling $23,690.

Slobodan Milivojevic, owner of the company that does business as Calgary Food Services, received the bulk of the punishment, fines and surcharges totalling $17,135 on 11 charges under the Public Health Act.

O’Neill said the company was purchasing eggs, which were not from approved sources.

The off-colored and oddly shapes eggs were linked to a salmonella outbreak, he said.

“In November, 2010, there was a foodborne illness investigation which found 91 lab-confirmed cases of salmonella,” O’Neill said.

“Several of the individuals suffered bloody diarrhea and six people were hospitalized,” he said.

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