Runs from the border is more accurate; Taco-Mystery-Restaurant-A Bell has new ad slogan

"Live Mas on the Toilet” should be Taco Bell’s new catchphrase, to replace “Runs From the Border.”

Mas is apparently Spanish for more, and the new investment in advertising with the Live Mas slogan to replace Think Outside the Bun, accurately expresses the chain’s commitment to food safety.

A Taco Bell spokesman told Ad Age that the new slogan demonstrates the chain’s "commitment to value, quality, relevance and an exceptional experience," and that it heralds the firm’s move from a "food as fuel" approach to "food as experience" and lifestyle model.

Other slogans considered but rejected:

• cheap calories with produce that may make you barf;

• Taco Bell – 4 out of 5 epidemiologists train with us;

• you may barf, but students still love us; and

• don’t eat poop, eat somewhere else.