Clueless star feeds her baby like a bird

I’ve been around parents and little kids for 30 years and had endless discussions about home-birth, breastfeeding, nutrition, and the consistency of baby poop.

Bird feeding hasn’t come up.

But you may after watching this video.

Alicia Silverstone, the star of Clueless and dozens of failed movies, named her son Bear Blu, and decided it would be wise to tell the world she feeds her 11-month-old son by chewing on some vegan food and letting him eat it out of her mouth.

And post the video.

Dr. Jennifer Landa, M.D. said, “There are those who think that a mom chewing a baby’s food provides helpful enzymes from her mouth but it doesn’t seem like a hygienic practice. Various viruses and bacteria, but especially herpes virus, may be passed from mother to baby. These microbes present a challenge that the infant’s immune system may not be ready for. So the practice is questionable for safety, and then, there’s a certain ick factor here that needs to be considered.”

Forget the minimal biological risks. This is ripe material for Freud, Jung, or AA when Care Bear gets older and has to watch this crap over and over and over.

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