Ozzie and Heston not welcome in my kitchen

Dr. Oz did a show a couple of years ago, would your home pass a restaurant inspection?, that was broadcast the other day in Australia (Days of Our Lives is at least two years behind; it’s all background).

Forget the flaws in the methodology, the risk amplification inherent in feeding a family and feeding 1,000 people a day, the television nonsense: Dr. Oz willingly lets his cat on the kitchen food prep counter.

And Heston-norovirus-Blumenthal has great food prep tips, but still don’t know food safety. For his latest show (which may also be two years behind) he “takes off his chef whites and steps into a domestic kitchen to show viewers how to inject some Heston-style magic into homemade cooking.”

What I briefly saw was a Mitt Romney-styled I’m one of the boys segments, as a local rugby team arrived by boat at his country home and they all took a turn grinding beef for burgers on the barbie; outside on a table. Cross-contamination everywhere.