Eat fresh: Subway restaurants have been closed for health violations more than any other chain in NYC

Daughter Courtlynn loves her some Subway.

She’ll be pleased to know there’s one at the end of our street, open for brekkie at 7 a.m., and usually occupied by several high school students when I take Sorenne to school at 7:50 a.m.

And it’s the same kids, every day.

It’s convenient and while I do most of the cooking, sometimes life gets in the way and Sorenne and I will pop in for a whole wheat sandwich on our way home. In New York City, Subway has the dubious title of franchise most often closed by health types.

The New York Daily News analyzed Health Department data and found Subway stores were shut down a whopping 55 times in the last five years.

Subway officials insist the majority of its 372 city restaurants live up to its “eat fresh” slogan.

“Nearly 90% of the locations have an ‘A’ rating, and some 30 locations have not received their ratings yet,” said company spokesman Les Winograd. “Violations are not tolerated.”

Despite the 55 Subway shutdowns, City Health Department spokeswoman Chanel Caraway was quick to note that “an individual restaurant’s inspection history does not reflect a chain’s performance.”

Kennedy Fried Chicken franchises came in second with 31 closures, Dunkin’ Donuts had 23, Crown Fried Chicken was third with 22 and Golden Krust rounded out the infamous top five with 20.