Foodborne disease surveillance in France: a foundation for food safety

The French published their own series of detailed foodborne disease surveillance papers, and did it the day before the Americans.

A special issue of the Bulletin épidémiologique hebdomadaire (BEH) and the Bulletin épidémiologique Anses-DGAL, May 2012, number 50, Microbiological hazards in food products of animal origin: monitoring and evaluation contains 13 research papers.

In an editorial, the author writes foodborne illness surveillance is an important and complex issue. Important because tens of thousands of cases of foodborne outbreaks are still reported each year, complicated by the difficulty in assessing and controlling the risk throughout the supply chain — from the farm to the fork.

Thanks to Albert Amgar for passing along the information and some translation.

The abstracts are available at and are available in English. They are also available in the daily bites-l listserv and at