Salmonella in spices, again

Euro Spices Pty Ltd has recalled ground coriander and other spice mixes, sourced from India and available at fruit and vegetable shops and independent supermarkets in New South Wales (that’s a state in Australia) due to Salmonella contamination.

According to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, the recalled products include:
• Coriander Ground 50g resealable bag
• Coriander Ground 70g plastic jar
• Almond Dukkah 50g resealable bag
• Almond Dukkah 100g glass jar
• Dukka Pistachio 100g glass jar
• Kofta Bahari 60g resealable bag
• Kabse Mix 60g resealable bag
• Dolma Bahari 60g resealable bag
• Shawarma 60g resealable bag
• Ras El Hanoot 50g resealable bag
• Harissa 60g resealable bag
• Lebanese 7 Spices 50g resealable bag
• Biryani 60g resealable bag

Date marking
Best Before December 2015 (jars display Best Before date as 12\2015).