Why does CFIA have so many secret documents?

The sanctimony gets rich listening to self-proclaimed environmentalists or cost-cutters or advocates burning up carbon and racking up frequent-flier points to spread their gospel.

Canadians are apparently upset that Bill Teeter, who works for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency out of Guelph, Ont., travelled to Ottawa 45 times between January 18 and December 22, 2011, racking up bills in excess of $100,000 on a mission to uncover ways to trim government spending.

Global Winnipeg thinks the bad part is Teeter claimed $446.57 in hospitality expenses in 2011, shopping at Costco, A & W, a local shawarma restaurant, Canadian Tire and Boston Pizza to host three meals with government officials.

This guy screams Canadiana and sir, I salute your austerity. He probably even kept the Canadian Tire money for himself, maybe accumulating enough to buy a Tim Hortons coffee.

The bad part is this: “Teeter had a team of 14 people in Ottawa, working with secret documents that could neither be transferred over networks nor transported from Ottawa, a spokesman for the CFIA said. “

Why does the taxpayer-funded food agency have so many secret documents?