10 sickened; crypto outbreak at UK farm ‘over’

The British media has a microbiology problem. Anything that causes illness is routinely labeled a virus or superbug. It happens daily.

Today’s winner is South Wales Argus, which called cryptosporidium a virus, while reporting that an outbreak linked to a Welsh farm that sickened 10 people appears to be over.

Tests showed those who were ill had the same strain of the parasite, cryptosporidium, as lambs and kid goats at Greenmeadow community farm, Cwmbran.

Dr. Lika Nehaul, consultant in communicable disease control, said Public Health Wales is confident the removal of the affected animals has removed the source, and the outbreak can be declared over.

"Nine of those who were unwell were staff or volunteers who had fed the animals by hand," he said.

"Only one case was in a visitor. In the time between the kid goats and lambs arriving at the farm and the last case being confirmed, there had been almost 7,000 visitors, which will reassure the public that the risk was extremely small.”