57 sick; norovirus strikes Scottish swimmers

Swimming is dangerous is Scotland too – and not always because of monsters.

Over 50 people took ill after taking part in an open water swimming event at Strathclyde Loch.

They suffered sickness, stomach cramps and diarrhoea following the race which attracted 70 entrants from across Scotland.

None of those affected are thought to have been hospitalised, however, the loch has now been closed to water sports and boating.

Some of those who fell sick tested positive for norovirus. Experts believe heavy rain prior to the event may have contaminated the water.

A Motherwell Masters Amateur Swimming Club source said six members of their club took part and were “very ill.” They had to seek medical advice following the event and some were off work for a week, she added.

The event, the Western Districts Open Water Swimming Championships, took place on June 23.