Consumers as CCPs; Beijing food poisoning victims urged to save vomit, feces for tests

Poop samples are not easy to collect for testing, especially if you’ve got some foodborne-inspired runs.

Collecting vomit samples could be viewed by many as just gross.

Beijing health authorities now say that customers who are involved in suspected food poisoning incidents in a restaurant should keep any leftover food, and their vomit and feces as evidence.

??The capital has a high incidence of microbial and mass food poisoning in summer and fall, said Cai Changjing, media officer of Beijing Health Inspection Institute on Monday. ??The institute has published a set of guidelines on its website, giving suggestions on how to deal with a food poisoning incident, he told the Global Times.??"Customers should keep the restaurant receipt, and then we’ll know which dishes in which restaurants have problems," Cai said.??"We also suggest people keep any leftovers, or vomit and feces as evidence," he noted. ??

Since the end of July, more than 2,000 cases of infectious diarrhea have been reported in the city, according to the Beijing News.??Li Na, 29, a resident in Beijing, said the institute’s suggestion is useful but she feels it will be hard to implement.??"It’s disgusting. I’d rather take some pills at home than collect the vomit as proof.

“If the poisoning is serious, I’ll just go to the hospital and let the doctor decide whether to keep these things," said Li.??Cai.