Twelve cafes and restaurants hit with closure in Ireland

 “… There continues to be food business operators who put consumers’ health at risk by not complying with their legal obligations for food safety and hygiene.

"Food business operators must recognise that the legal onus is on them to be responsible and ensure that the food they serve is safe to eat."

That’s professor Alan Reilly, chief executive of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, describing the monthly inspection results as "extremely disappointing".

Twelve companies were hit with closure orders after being found with such poor food safety and hygiene standards they were deemed to be of grave or immediate danger to the public.

One cash-and-carry was served with a prohibition order, meaning it was banned from selling food found to have been dangerous to consumers.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) said the 13 orders represented a fourfold increase from the previous month, making July one of the highest ever for enforcements over the last decade.