Bully stick salmonella: bull penis pet treats recalled for salmonella risk; at your local Target

In the food biz, every part is usable, exportable, or somehow made digestible. Cattle breeders only need a handful of the best bulls, and when those few have spent all they got, what’s left gets made into dog snacks.

Future human male existence. Or present.

JoNel Aleccia of NBC News reports a Denver company is recalling packages of its pet treats made from dried bull penises — known as “bully sticks” — after they tested positive for salmonella.

Kasel Associated Industries launched the voluntary recall after routine testing by the Colorado Department of Agriculture detected the contamination in packs of Boots & Barkley 6-count, 5-inch American Beef Bully Sticks, the company said.

The recalled pet treats were sold nationwide at Target retail stores from April through September.

The product comes in clear plastic bags containing six bully sticks marked with the bar code number 647263899189. Kasel is recalling all lot numbers after the following lot codes tested positive for salmonella: BESTBY20APR2014DEN, BESTBY01JUN2014DEN, BESTBY23JUN2014DEN, and BESTBY23SEP2014DEN.

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