Food safety leader from Boston proud of role at London Olympics

A Boston man who was the team leader for food safety at London 2012 has said it was the biggest and best experience of his life.

Boston Borough Council environmental health officer and Olympics Games Maker, Howard Williams, 45, said: “It was one of the biggest and best experiences of my life and a great personal achievement.

“The atmosphere at the Olympic Stadium and other venues was simply amazing.

“Everyone was so friendly and out to enjoy themselves and it was truly a privilege to be part of such a global event and help to ensure that things ran smoothly.”

Howard was one of the 70,000 volunteer Games Makers who helped ensure that the London 2012 Olympics ran smoothly.

He acted as part of a team of environmental health volunteers whose role it was to ensure that the food produced and sold at the Olympics was safe for all visitors, athletes and officials.

It was the first time that environmental health officers had undertaken the role on behalf of the Olympic Committee.

Howard added: “I started off looking after the Olympic Stadium food concessions, but once these had all been visited I moved on to Olympic Park concessions, the Aquatic Centres and was also asked to visit the Excel Centre.”

The work included general monitoring of food production, through to visits looking specifically at pest, drainage and cleaning issues.

Howard quickly developed working relationships with the various venue mangers, resulting in opportunities to see several of the events including athletics, water polo, diving, BMX, wrestling and fencing.

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