Australian man kicked out of a bar because of his mullet

Hockey player Wayne Gretzky had an amazing mullet while playing for the Edmonton Oilers in the 1980s.

This has nothing to do with food safety but does raise the question of priorities in some Australian bars.

According to a man says he got kicked out of the Print Hall rooftop bar in Perth because he has a mullet.

Talking to The West Australian, David Hoogland said, “I’m not in a gang, I don’t have tattoos all over me, I’m just an everyday person.”

No, he has just proudly worn a mullet for the past ten years. Hoogland had been at the bar for half an hour before he was asked to leave “because of his hair.” The bar has as yet declined to comment on the matter.

According to one mullet-bearer, in Australia “some venues [believe] people with mullets or rat’s tails were more likely to become drunk and rowdy on a night out.”