Cross-contamination 101: NBC Today Show co-host learns to cook, sorta

People wonder why ratings are falling for NBC Today.

Last week chef Bobby Flay spent some time trying to teach Savannah Guthrie some cooking basics (because apparently she didn’t know).

Whatever she learned in celebrity cooking school, it can’t all be Savannah’s fault because teach and student were both cross contaminating everything with all sorts of microorganisms.

Flay started with chicken stock and tomato sauce – basics that are easy and usually better to make at home. (Note the disdain from Flay in the video below).

A roasted chicken is a cooking basic that may require advanced food safety precautions. Don’t wash it, check that it’s done with a thermometer, and whenever anyone in the kitchen touches raw chicken or anything, wash your damn hands before touching something else.

This is the stock about to percolate from last week’s roast chicken in our household.

As noted by The Braiser: Things Savannah finds confusing: chicken bones, dicing onions, why we make stock when we can buy it in a box at the grocery store. (The answer, Savannah, involves shriveling up with dehydration and/or going into sodium shock.)

By Friday, Savannah potentially poisoned prepared a meal for the other bingo callers on the morning gabfest. However, The Today Show only gave Savannah 45 minutes to cook all those courses, so of course, she adopts two sous chefs to help her. 

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