My Brisbane bromance – with citrus

This is me and my new brofriend, Gary, and a disgruntled Amy at a Rush concert (not exactly as show, below). I don’t even like Toronto-based Rush, even though they played at my Brantford, Ontario high school when I was in grade 9 or something. They probably were experimenting with 2112 at the time.

No, what saddens me is when Dr. Pepper screws up limes. I didn’t really get the whole limey thing before, but after being to the U.K. and living in Brisbane, I get it. Those scurvy-infected sailors had no citrus (eat local in Scotland).

So Gary took me plant shopping at the market last Sunday and, even though he’s a kiwi, he taught me a new Aussie term: SNAG – sensitive new age guy. This is what you buy for a townhouse with no ground but lots of balconies, at the market in spring — lemon tree, tahitian lime tree, lemon basil, rosemary, youngberry, blackberry mulberry, and strawberry.