Norovirus: you don’t want it

After tag teaming with Amy through the night and morning, Sorenne finally went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

And then she barfed again.

I contacted the school and they told me several kids started barfing yesterday afternoon, they put up the Warning Gastro Cases Reported on the classroom doors and went into a deep clean after the kids went home yesterday.

So maybe it wasn’t my cooking or food selections. Maybe it was norovirus.

There are dozens of norovirus outbreaks going on right now in the Northern Hemisphere as winter approaches: schools, day cares, hospitals, extended care facilities, and oil rigs.

They can happen in the Southern Hemisphere too.

I only comment on the ones that seem to involve a food vehicle (or one of my kids), like the one at the Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato, Minnesota last week.

Health types say the outbreak appears to be a norovirus, but it’s too soon to determine if the illness was spread through food at the civic center.

More than 50 people were sickened after a Greater Mankato Growth event a week ago, attended by more than 460 people. The health department also has received reports of people who contracted the illness after attending a civic center event for veterans last Wednesday.

Whatever the cause, it’s important to isolate the sick people and clean quickly and thoroughly. That’s why oil workers have been evacuated from a North Sea platform and workforce numbers reduced to a bare minimum.

Three victims have been quarantined in designated rooms in an effort to prevent the virus from spreading and infecting others on the Enquest-owned rig.

A Petrofac spokesman said, “All reasonable steps have been taken to contain the spread of the virus and support and guidance is being provided by onshore doctors and occupational health professionals including NHS Grampian’s Health Protection Team.

“As an additional precautionary measure we are reducing the number of non-essential personnel on the installation to limit further spread of the virus.”

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