Oh, What a Feeling, when bacteria cross-contaminate

I watch too much trashy TV in background while I work; I just saw back-to-back adverts of Rod Stewart flogging his new album, Merry Christmas, Baby, and Boston’s More Than a Feeling used to flog multivitamins.

Devo’s Whip It is being used to push baby clothing, Zip It, and Crowbar’s Oh, What a Feeling has been resurrected in an Australia Toyota advert.

Crowbar of Ancaster, Ont., 20 minutes from my hometown of Brantford, has been selling this song since it was penned back in 1970, so good on them if they get some Aussie money.

From 1969 to 1970, most of the members of the group had been a backup band for Ronnie Hawkins under the name “And Many Others”. However, in early 1970, he fired them, saying “You guys are so crazy that you could f**k up a crowbar in three seconds!” They recorded their first album in 1970, called “Official Music”, as “King Biscuit Boy and Crowbar.”

The other day on Good Morning America, which comes on at 3:30 a.m., there was a cooking bit so bad it’s faded into the mess of Love Boat, Kojak, and bad infomercials (which means I can’t remember it or find the video).

The recipe looked lovely but the cross-contamination was ridiculous, leading to yet another conversation between Sorenne and I about why she shouldn’t put her flip-flops or anything else into her mouth and about how bacteria move around.

She preferred this song.