Squirts up to three feet: washing turkey can spread bacteria

I don’t look to Rachel Ray for food safety advice, I don’t look to her for cooking advice, and I don’t look to her for lifestyle advice: but lots of people do.

So while every food safety nerd I know is preaching don’t wash that bird, the food editor at Rachel Ray magazine gives an excellent demo on how not to prepare a turkey.

All the cross-contamination is there: scissors, counter-top, thermometer  and contaminated water spread wherever.

People do and say lots of silly things around Thanksgiving. Chapman was even quoted, to his subsequent horror, saying “nowadays” in an interview.

But try out the next video and watch Alton Brown  — who I will occasionally turn to for food advice – make a complete Thanksgiving dinner in a car hood on Mythbusters.

While the Mythbusters approach the entire project with their typical bravado/stoicism, Alton’s hidden a turkey leg somewhere “in case everything else goes to hell in a handbasket,” he deadpans.

“This is an entire buffet of potential doom for me, but here we go.”