My friends are the best, even if they don’t like me; that’s what hockey’s about

I told the girls I coached, there’s no crying in hockey.

Because all of my 178 best lines are borrowed or adapted from movies. I cried a little when a friend showed up in Florida with this.

With Sorenne turning 4, and me about 40 pounds overweight because I hate the monotony of running and haven’t played hockey since I moved to Kansas in 2005, I decided something needed to be done.

Hockey equipment is about 4X more expensive in Australia. But there’s an ice rink about 15 minutes away – 105 minutes closer than the nearest rink in Kansas. So I issued a call to some old (and we’re all getting old) hockey buds in Guelph, for any leftover equipment.

This is what my friend showed up with in Florida.

Sorenne was happy.

I need to do some strategic packing, but maybe they’ll let me coach down under if I say I can outfit the entire team.

I love my friends.

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