2 kids sick; meat in Sweden recalled over E.coli feces fears

Give the Swedes credit: they’re direct.

None of this, “abundance of caution” crap, when meat is recalled, it’s because sweden.meat.e.coliof crap.

thelocalse.com reports around six tonnes of hamburger and kebab meat distributed and sold across Sweden may have been contaminated by intestinal bacteria which may have been caused by animal excrement.

The meat, which has been on sale across the country for the past four months, has been found to contain traces of the potentially life-threatening E .coli bacteria.

The contaminated meat was brought to the attention of the authorities when two children fell ill in Västerås in eastern Sweden in January.

The beef has been traced to the distributor Sven P in Stockholm, but is originally from a slaughterhouse in the Netherlands.