8 sick with Salmonella in Coffs Habour, Australia

Coffs Harbour is, I’ve heard, a lovely beach town in northeast New South Wales on the Pacific Ocean, not too far south of the Gold Coast.

The Coffs Coast Advocate reports a total of eight cases of salmonella Coffs Harbourpoisoning in the Coffs Harbour region have been reported.

“Four people were admitted to the Coffs Harbour Base Hospital and another two received treatment at the Emergency Department and were discharged,” said Paul Corben, director of the Public Health Unit.

“A further two people received treatment at home from a general practitioner.”

No idea what caused this, but given Australia’s history with raw-egg related outbreaks, and the prevalence of mayo and aioli made with raw eggs, especially at seafood places, it’s where I’d start.

A table of raw egg related outbreaks specific for Australia is available at http://bites.ksu.edu/raw-egg-related-outbreaks-australia.