Barfing at the BAFTAs

While Anne Hathaway delivered what some called a vomit-inducing acceptance speech at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards on Saturday, and while Argo won again but no one mentioned Canada’s role in getting those hostages out of Iran, Eddie Redmayne was backstage barfing.

I had to look up who Eddie Redmayne was, but realized I enjoyed his performance in The Good Shepherd, and he’s apparently in that French movie (see Anne Hathaway in the Zach clip below).

Eddie was slated to present an award with Lincoln’s Sally Field but was forced to pull out at the last minute. When Sally took to the stage, she said, “He is puking his guts out backstage.”

According to a source cited by Perez Hilton, “Eddie has bad food poisoning. It was a difficult for him to make it here today but he did his best. After doing the carpet he felt really sick again.”