Chilliwack must chlorinate water due to E. coli risk

My high school girlfriend had eclectic taste in music. She got me into Neil Young, and I always associate the song, When You Dance, I Can Really Love, with her, but she also liked Chilliwack.

And they were terrible.

To the people of Chilliwack, B.C., chlorine should be your friend.

According to The Province, a battle is on tap between Chilliwack and the local health authority after Fraser Health told council Tuesday that the city must begin chlorinating its water.

Citing the discovery of E. coli in the Chilliwack water system over three of the past four summers, Fraser Health medical health officer Dr. Marcus Lem told council the city will be required to add chlorine to its water.

Lem said present testing methods sample only a tiny fragment of Chilliwack’s water and told council, “You probably have E. coli contamination within your water system all the time.”