Closed for Renovations means closed by health department; Dirty dining in Vegas

The sign on the door says ” Closed for Renovations.” But on Feb. 7, Chow Mein Express was closed by the Health District after racking up 43 demerits.

Darcy Spears of KTNV explains they should be displaying the Health District’s closure sign, but that’s missing. And that means Chow Mein Chow Mein Express.vegasExpress is in even more trouble for trying to hide the reason for their closure from the public.

“Hello? Anybody home? Anybody in there remodeling?” Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears called through the locked door.

When inspectors were there on Feb. 7, they found an imminent health hazard.

There was “no working refrigeration” according to the health report.

Add that to the fact that just about everything in the place was dirty and you’ve got an easy recipe for closure.

Photos inspectors took show the restaurant hadn’t bothered to clean up spilled fried rice and chunks of meat on the floor.

Inspectors found most of the equipment was dirty–the oven, wok, food containers, utensils, prep tables, floor sinks, floors and walls–that pretty much describes the whole place.

Oh, and there was no sanitizer around to clean anything.

Employees weren’t washing their hands and it wouldn’t have mattered much if they did, because there was no soap at the handsinks.

Inspectors also found food was being prepared in the mop sink. And raw beef was stored in another sink next to dirty dishes.