Meat safety management in complex world

I’m at the L.A. airport and can’t get to Kansas City for my interview to prove I’m worthy to be a U.S. citizen because of snow. Bloody Marys and free Internet ease the angst (I don’t really have angst).

And I won’t be at the seminar by Scott Goltry, vice president, technical services, American Meat Institute at 4 pm today at Kansas State University. scott.goltry.ami.feb.13But that’s what the Internet is for.

Scott provides oversight to AMI’s packer and processor members on current and proposed inspection related issues. He is responsible for audit harmonization, food defense and sanitary design of facility and equipment initiatives at AMI. Scott is a Kansas native and K-State alum.

The seminar takes place at the Mara Conference Center, 4th Floors, Trotter Hall – College of Veterinary Medicine.

The live stream will be available at