67 sick with noro; fancy food ain’t safe food, world’s greatest restaurant edition

At least 67 dinners were barfing after dining at the world’s so-called greatest restaurant, Noma, in Denmark.

Danish food types Fødevarestyrelsen criticised Noma for not disinfecting the kitchen in time in order to prevent the contagion from spreading and also norovirus-2said there was no hot water in the taps that staff used to wash their hands.

Water temp doesn’t matter when it comes to hand washing, but my guess is there was little handwashing to begin with.

From February 12-16, 2013, out of 78 guests served over the period, a total of 63 fell ill, which prompted Fødevarestyrelsen to make an inspection in which it found hygiene problems.

“There has been illness among staff who have handled the food products”, Fødevarestyrelsen wrote in its report. “The inspection visit was due to guests nomocomplaining of vomiting and diarrhea.”

The restaurant is aware of four additional people who have taken ill, which brings the total number of ill diners up to 67.

I like Danes; worked with two carpenters for five years, my sister lived there with her family for a couple of years; our daughter is named Sorenne. But just like Heston-what’s-his-name and his Fat Duck restaurant, where 535 people were sickened with norovirus in 2010, and like the Haaaaarrrrr-vard Club, food porn and profit trumps food safety. In all three outbreaks involving food for the fancy-pants set, the celebrity chefs were too damn dumb about norovirus to know how incredibly infectious it is. Worse, people get sick, but they keep going back, underwriting more porn and more idiocracy.

And in the lamest public excuse offered for some time, someone from Noma said, “We acknowledge that the internal procedures haven’t been good enough and because of busyness, employees didn’t check e- mails.”