Dear Dr. Provost – IV

Katie broke my heart.

Not in the way that a few girls did, but in the way she was so talented, but just wanted to go back to be with her family in Sault Ste. Marie (that ‘s in katie.defense.dec.10Canada).

You’ve probably never heard of her, but I was really proud when she published two peer-reviewed journal articles based on her research after spending a year in New Zealand.

I thought it was sorta innovative to have a person do their MS at K-State, and be paid by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, back when it existed.

But I guess your talk about being international, and 2025 are just that.

You even have a relationship with the University of  Queensland and often brag about being more than a state school. Words are shallow.

Rob, the most handsome man in food safety, also did his MS at Kansas State. He never stepped on campus until the day he defended his MS. His single journal publication is also something I’m proud of. But, as a food inspector in Winnipeg, Manitoba (that’s in Canada) he wanted a degree and wanted to work with the best.

And his government paid a lot of cash into your system.

I was told today that faculty have to be around. OK.I look forward to receiving that written policy. My address is 1729 Pierre St., Manhattan, KS, Rob_Mancini_00166502. I also look forward to your next contract offer.

Oops, slipped my mind. I don’t want to work with a bunch of hypocrites.

Amy has fabulous breasts and a more fabulous mind. Killer combination. I’m going to Brisbane.