Ireland monthly restaurant closures; doing the same thing and expecting a different result is crazy

Every month about this time, Alan Reilly gets to roll out the same quote, saying he is disappointed in the high number of food business closures that month, adding something like,

“We continue to find unacceptable levels of non-compliance with food safety legislation. Time and time again, we encounter cases of food business BobbyJ2operators who are potentially putting their customers’ health at risk by not complying with their legal obligations for food safety and hygiene.

The chief executive of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland will then add something like, “There is absolutely no excuse for negligent practices. Food businesses must recognize that the legal onus is on them to make sure that the food they serve is safe to eat. This requires ongoing compliance with food safety and hygiene standards to ensure the food they are producing is safe to consume.”

It must be frustrating.

The March list of 11 closures and one prohibition order are available at: