Revisiting high school: when you dance, I can really love

The Springfield Academy in Calne, U.K., will reopen tomorrow after closing due to an outbreak of sickness and diarrhea among staff and pupils.

The school closed on Friday after 12 pupils living at boarding house for students on the site caught a sickness bug lasting between 24 to 34 hours.

Headteacher Trystan Williams said all the school’s residential houses had been deep cleaned by specialist agencies in order to make sure pupils could return safely.

The Brits have a thing about separating themselves from their teenagers, and suppressing their WASP feelings. I’ve been talking a lot with my older daughters of late and it’s been incredibly gratifying.

To all the Susie Bakers out there (my high school sweetheart, Chapman married his, I’m thrilled with what I have now) this note’s for you. Sue introduced me to Neil. She also introduced me to Harry Chapin and Cat Stevens, which didn’t go over so well.