Hundreds sickened: Salmonella behind Al-Azhar food poisoning in Egypt

Egypt’s Health Minister Mohamed Hamed said that salmonella was behind the second mass poisoning incident in Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

Hamed said in a press statement on Friday that the final report on the incident revealed that the bacteria contaminated the food, which left 180 students barf.o.meter.dec.12hospitalized on 29 April after eating in the dormitory.

The minister also stressed the importance of the personal hygiene of staff members involved in food preparation.

Earlier, on 1 April, over 500 students were hospitalized with food poisoning after eating on campus, which sparked protests.

Ahram Online reports that both incidents sparked anger amongst Al-Azhar students who staged demonstrations against what they described as negligence and deteriorating conditions of the university’s dormitories.

Ten officials are currently standing trial on charges of culpability in the 1 April mass outbreak of food poisoning.