Blaming consumers, Australia edition

Australians are equally able to blame consumers for foodborne illness.

And equally dumb about it.

Within chapter 5 of the National Food Plan for the Commonwealth of Australia is the assertion that most other countries proclaim — although they can’t all be correct – that “Australia has one of the safest food supplies in the tourism-australia-3world, with a world-class system to manage safety across the food supply chain.”

The report says ”by 2025 we would like to see Australia as one of the top three countries in the world for food safety, improving the wellbeing of Australians and increasing the already good reputation of our exports.”

Kansas State University has one of those 2025 plans and why I tell my 4-year-old, less talk, more action.

Within the bureaucratic rhetoric, the authors felt it necessary to remind readers that “about a third of all food poisonings come from food handling mistakes in the home.”

No reference. No data. No special mention of what causes the other 70 per cent.