45 now sick in Iowa-based Cyclospora outbreak; veggies suspected?

Authorities suspect that fresh vegetables are the source of a rare parasite sickening dozens of Iowans.

The Iowa Department of Public Health reported this morning that 45 cyclospora infections have been confirmed in the state in the past few pesto.basil.cyclosporaweeks. 

That’s up from 22 cases earlier this week.

Only 10 such cases had been reported in the state in the past 20 years.
The parasite is usually transmitted by tainted produce or water. It can cause weeks of severe diarrhea.

Federal experts are helping to trace the cause. Officials are urging everyone to wash their produce carefully … though they note that Cyclospora can be difficult to wash off.

Investigators who interviewed the patients believe the outbreak started in tainted vegetables, not fruit.