‘Juicy beef balls’ have no meat

Sorenne’s taken to making “That’s what she said” jokes.

Must be her environment.

French-based megalomart Carrefour is, according to China Daily, involved in yet another food safety scandal and this time it’s over their juicy.beef.ballsjuicy beef ball which apparently doesn’t contain meat.

According to the national food production requirement, the juicy beef ball can be mixed with a certain amount of pork and lamb to boost its taste. However, as for the beef balls sold at the retailer’s Lishuiqiao store in Beijing, the beef remains to be seen.

Carrefour said on Thursday it removed its beef ball products form shelves of all stores in Beijing, as an immediate reaction to resolve the scandal, while related products and suppliers will be investigated.

The beef ball safety problems are only limited to the Beijing area as other Carrefour stores in East China do not carry such products, according to a report of CBN Daily on Friday.

Irony is lost on some folks.