Maybe they were hiding $18 million of stolen maple syrup? Producer shuttered after refusing inspection

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has suspended the registration to operate of Establishment 3045,Érablière Bernatchez, effective June 28, 2013. The establishment is a maple.syrup.daily.2federally registered maple syrup producer in St-Sylvestre, Québec.

The registration was suspended because the operator has recently refused to allow the CFIA to enter the premises to conduct an inspection.

Érablière Bernatchez will not be able to resume operations under federal jurisdiction until the operator allows CFIA inspectors to conduct an inspection.

For more on the maple syrup syndicate busted in 2012 (and not related to this) check out the Goodfellas-inspired closing in this clip from The Daily Show, available to North Americans below.